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Dos usb generic joystick drivers Discussion in 'DOS/Other' started by JonathanFick, Apr 26, 2006. Might be worth trying if you are not married to MS/PC DOS. The final drivers released by Microsoft for Win9x failed to support machines with FSB speeds of 100 MHz or higher, so many users were obliged to use the emulation modes and Wengier 11.07.2009, 20:52 @ rr DOS USB Drivers and JEMM386Post reply I'm interested about the USB Gamepad/Joystick driver. check my blog

This means that these programswill currently only work with USB host controllers manufactured by IntelCorporation or Via Technologies, and will only operate a full-speed(maximum 12 Mbps). You can put 20 ghost images on a 20GB USB drive and not have to tote a cd wallet. Let's face it: DOS is outdated. Descent 3 is actually a Windows game, and even there, the SideWinder 3D Pro has some quirks and problems depending on the type of platform you intend to use it with.

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Staff Online Now Cookiegal Administrator LauraMJ Administrator TerryNet Moderator flavallee Trusted Advisor Advertisement Tech Support Guy Home Forums > Operating Systems > DOS/Other > Home Forums Forums Quick Links Search Forums DOS is definately a step back, especially since it can't access the NTFS partitions used on most Win2k/WinXP installs. Pac-Em. Download Your questions answered: How to protect your data in the cloud The number of successful cyberattacks per year per company has increased by 46% over the last four years.

But, how do I make it work in DosBox? Windows 95/98 is all over the place in corporate America. Well, then it wouldn't boot win98. Dosusb Support for additional host controllers (OHCI, EHCI, WHCI, XHCI) and devices will be added in the future".

It takes 7 seconds to scan for USB flash drives compared to the previous version where it takes about 1 minute!Here is my config.sys file in my DOS img startup disk by iWindoze on Sat 28th Jun 2003 20:10 UTC Damn! A good way to transfer data between two programs, even if they won't normally "talk" to each other. Back to top #6 was_jaclaz was_jaclaz Finder Advanced user 7100 posts Location:Gone in the mist   Italy Posted 04 July 2009 - 12:16 PM It would be nice if the developer

Sometimes going all the way is just a start... Dosbox OSNews and the OSNews logo are trademarks of OSNews. Troubleshooting Macros & Merges VB.Net for WordPerfect Office VB.Net automation lessons and code snippets for WPO DOS WordPerfect WordPerfect Office Installing & Upgrading Law Office Networking Other WordPerfect Office Programs Non-English You can use it to begin writing your own Assembly Language TSR's.

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On certain computers, the problem can be fixed by replacing the "buggy" versions of HIMEM.SYS/EMM386.EXE with newer versions of HIMEM.SYS & EMM386.EXE (such as the ones included here). Its documentation also notes that in order to perform I/O Virtualization, a memory manager supporting I/O Virtualization must be installed, such as the MS-DOS EMM386 and 386MAX. Dos 6.22 Usb Driver What I anticipate (and hope) is that grub4dos team could use the source code of these DOS USB drivers and integrate them into grub4dos, getting rid of the need for PLoP. Usbaspi If you're not currently having a problem using SLOWDOWN, you probably don't need to download this one.

Having gone through all the work of getting similar drivers (ie: Iomega and Motto Hairu) to work some 4/5 months ago, courtesy of the now defunct USB Forums on Darkehorse.Web.Com, and MOUSKEYS 3.05 1996-11-22 43k Lets you use your mouse with any program. How about a real functional PC BIOS? Re: A frank question by xander on Sat 28th Jun 2003 04:29 UTC I'm still running DOS and DOS apps here for key parts of my packet radio setup. Panasonic V2.06 Aspi Manager For Usb Mass Storage

Also, dos joysticks were _always_ troublesome, and lots of dos games are solid on keyboards and weak on joysticks. You are working so hard to get people away from DOS and onto linux. In order Virtualize I/O, you must have an appropriate memory manager installed via your CONFIG.SYS file. http://ionicbalance.net/usb-driver/dos-usb-driver-joystick.html by Captain Chris on Sat 28th Jun 2003 05:35 UTC I'm sure most people visiting this site won't have any use for such drivers.

Zup Oldbie Posts: 961Joined: 2003-10-04 @ 12:16 Top Reply with quote Re: Joysticks in pure DOS by ManOhManUSA » 2010-12-27 @ 15:16 Thank you! Dos Games Back to index page Thread viewBoard view 15032 Postings in 1344 Threads, 240 registered users, 17 users online (0 registered, 17 guests)DOS ain't dead | Admin contact powered by my little theres nothing miraculous about it...

If they don't do exactly what you want, contact me ( [email protected] or [email protected] ).

Re: Brad by Rayiner Hashem on Sat 28th Jun 2003 18:17 UTC I'm not trying to get people to switch to Linux from DOS. Good for them, I say. Could it really be worth it? The package also includes drivers for USB hubs, keyboards, mice, joysticks, and disk drives.

Back to top dosraiderAdminJoined: 15 Mar 2005Posts: 9259Location: ROTFLMAO in Belgium. I am using Panasonics's one v2.27 (2008) and works like a charm. I purchaced the joystick/gamepad from Retrozone this is what they said about it All RetroZone products are standard USB HID gamepads and need no specific drivers. Back to top QuadkoDarklanderJoined: 24 Jun 2011Posts: 1912 Posted: Tue Apr 09, 2013 7:42 pm Post subject: Cool, wanted one of those!

Think about it. Grendel (a user on http://descentbb.net ) has developed a USB adapter that works with the 3D Pro and certain other Microsoft sticks in recent versions of Windows. I'm also available to do custom programs. Your poor users should not be stuck with sub-par service just because you choose to stubbornly hold on to the past to avoid learning something new.

RE: DOS nowadays? Some of the main differences between these drivers and all of the others that are out there is that they are TSR's which can be loaded and unloaded from memory at there are thousands of 'Ghost' users in the world (including myself, and the British NHS) who will find being able to Ghost onto removable USB media (albeit CD-RW or H.Disk) an Ease of use has nothing to do with this, because as long as you know the UNIX CLI commands, Linux is just as easy to use as DOS, if not moreso

RE: stop with the linux by k_semler on Mon 30th Jun 2003 03:11 UTC +5 Insightful Pretty old news by Tyr on Mon 30th Jun 2003 10:21 UTC This has actually But it's not about CPU but type of controller. Ed.]: The driver switches you can use are: device=(path)USBASPI.SYS [/e] [/o] [/u] [/w] [/v] [/l[=n]] [/f] /r] [/slow] [/nocbc] [/norst] [/noprt] The driver scans all three USB controller specs by default, For example: Corncob3D auto detects a joystick.

Thread Status: Not open for further replies. Thanks in Advanced, Dave Back to top dosraiderAdminJoined: 15 Mar 2005Posts: 9259Location: ROTFLMAO in Belgium. PRTSCR 2.01 2011-09-24 76k Sends all of your PrintScreens to a file instead of a printer. It always did upset me that I had to boot into windows or Linux to burn my backups to CD.

Many times, there is a way to do what you want with the program as it is (you just may need help figuring out how). I have written them over the last several years. It also means that the theoretical maximum speed is 12 Mbps (USB 1.x) instead of 480 Mbps (USB 2.x). This does not happen on all computers, but it does happen on some.