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Loading... Supplemental Note #1: To make a better Windows 98 bootdisk then the one that came with your Windows CD, put in your CD and seek out \tools\mtsutil\fat32ebd\fat32ebd.exe and double click on If your CD-ROM drive is supported in protected mode in Windows, the real-mode CD-ROM and MSCDEX drivers are most likely not being loaded in the Config.sys and Autoexec.bat or Dosstart.bat files To install the driver, copy cdromdrv.sys to c:\dos.  Then, edit config.sys and add: DEVICEHIGH=c:\dos\cdromdrv.sys /d:mscd001 The /d option sets a device name to be used by MSCDEX; you can set anything have a peek at these guys

If you answer three times with yes, could you post the cue-file? for resolve them see : http://support.microsoft.com/kb/135174 share|improve this answer answered Aug 29 '14 at 9:37 mohammad moeini 1795 Downvoting. you can mount any folder. Supplemental Note #2: Once you have the real mode drivers loading up and have a cdrom in DOS, you can have the use of it in Windows Safe Mode as well.

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For reference, here's my config.sys file at this point: REM configure boot options SWITCHES=/f REM enable memory management DEVICE=c:\dos\himem.sys /testmem:off DEVICEHIGH=c:\dos\emm386.exe ram 24576 highscan notr i=b000-b7ff DOS=high,umb REM load device drivers Run the above command now to manually load the driver; assuming you have an ethernet cable plugged in, it should automatically detect the connection.  If all you need is a PD Working... multiple loans multiple payers - how to snowball fairly If the Empire had over 25,000 Star Destroyers, why were only 27 at the Battle of Endor?

About Press Copyright Creators Advertise Developers +YouTube Terms Privacy Policy & Safety Send feedback Test new features Loading... Maybe not a long term solution, but that could help to determine where the stability issue exists. To begin, copy dis_pkt.dos to c:\dos\net.  Next, edit c:\dos\net\protocol.ini and append the following: [pktdrv] DriverName=PKTDRV$ BINDINGS=TCM$EL90X INTVEC=0x60 CHAINVEC=0x68 The BINDINGS line needs to be modified for your hardware; everything else (should) Mscdex.exe Download Select NWLink IPX Compatible Transport and choose Remove - IPX is (generally) no longer used today.

Danny Do 472,930 views 4:51 Install Windows XP From DOS Bootable Flash Drive - Duration: 8:04. In addition, you cant always trust what video card windows "thinks" is installed. This file will make a mouse driver installation diskette. Step-Up If you installed either MS-DOS 6.0, 6.2, or 6.21, you may (optionally) upgrade to 6.22 using MS-DOS 6.22 Step-Up.  Since it's free, though, there really isn't a good reason to

LOADHIGH will load the specified program (when possible) into upper memory, freeing up the all important conventional memory for other applications.  This requires that EMM386 also be enabled, as shown below.  Oakcdrom.sys Floppy Image Make sure tho you have at least mscdex.exe and himem.sys on your bootdisk. Within your config.sys, add LASTDRIVE=Z before the CD-ROM driver line. SSH I primarily run Linux systems, so SSH is very important to me.  As a bonus, SCP and SFTP provide great options for transferring files across the network, and is especially

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Your CDrom drive will be assigned the next drive letter after your hard drive partitions (and) other IDE devices. NDIS Packet Driver Shim The final bit of network setup we're going to do for the NDIS driver is installing a "shim" packet driver.  The shim driver basically adds a PD Cd Rom Drivers For Dos Tip:  You will be repeatedly hand editing your system configuration files throughout this walkthrough, and it's very possible at some point that you may be stuck with a system that won't Oak Technologies Universal Ide Cd-rom Driver Next, edit c:\config.sys and add/change the following (again, other settings should be left alone for now): SWITCHES=/f DEVICE=c:\dos\himem.sys /testmem:off DEVICEHIGH=c:\dos\emm386.exe ram i=b000-b7ff DOS=high,umb BREAK=on rem DEVICEHIGH=c:\dos\setver.exe The /f option to SWITCHES

collector l33t Posts: 3903Joined: 2003-1-15 @ 10:39 Website Top Reply with quote Re: How to mount a CD image in DOS 6.22 by prompt » 2004-10-18 @ 17:12 Did you More about the author How Do I Access My BIOS or CMOS Setup Utility? Loading... Thus, the computer is rendered useless. Dos 6.22 Cd Rom Driver Virtualbox

Don't remove mscdex.exe or himem.sys from your bootdisk but DO let it overwrite config.sys and autoexec.bat. collector l33t Posts: 3903Joined: 2003-1-15 @ 10:39 Website Top Reply with quote Re: How to mount a CD image in DOS 6.22 by prompt » 2004-10-20 @ 11:19 I asked I get this error during the loading of the autoexec.bat -- ERROR: Unable to detect ATAPI IDE CD-ROM drive. check my blog Alternatively, you should be able to get this up and running in a virtual machine with VirtualBox or VMware Player, but as with the note about FreeDOS above I'm primarily interested

USB Mouse In DOS Your bios may already support USB mice and keyboards. Vmware Dos Cd Rom Driver How CD-ROM works? (Errors Aren't Forever [part 1/2]) - Duration: 10:18. This may not work however if your CD drive letter has changed since you installed Windows due to adding another IDE device.

extract [/Y (Do not prompt before overwriting an existing file) /A (Process ALL cabinets.

Hardware issues While these lines may be loading properly, it could be a possibility that your CD-ROM is not working because of a hardware issue with the drive itself. What's the meaning of "little twist" in this sentence? Return to top Network Configuration Relevant Software: Microsoft Network Client 3.0 for MS-DOS - this is pretty self-descriptive; will be used if you want to map shared drives on a Samba Mscdex Usage Sometimes, just holding down a key when you first turn on the computer forces an error which tells you how to enter "setup".

DOS Nostalgia 247,336 views 2:09:06 How CDs work? Or, another way: Do a sys a: from a C:\_ prompt and then download shebang2 to an empty folder on your hard drive, click on it and copy the contents to Oldtech81 198,358 views 9:09 internet in DOS - Duration: 4:16. news In summary, the USB DOS mice "driver" files are very limited in their use.

PhilsComputerLab 8,576 views 29:17 Bootable MS-DOS 6.22 CD-ROM Install (w/ Optional Install for CD-ROM Support) - Duration: 1:00. If you want to automount any NFS shares on boot, add the three XFSKRNL, INIT, and MOUNT commands shown above to autoexec.bat.  Be sure it's added after any other PD applications It won't load the CD-ROM drivers. collector l33t Posts: 3903Joined: 2003-1-15 @ 10:39 Website Top Reply with quote Re: How to mount a CD image in DOS 6.22 by Zup » 2004-10-16 @ 14:06 You don't

Packet Driver (PD) - the older, open device driver interface used by pretty much everything before NDIS.  Most non-Microsoft network utilities require a packet driver interface and will not work with Skip to Main Content Search Help Tips Dictionary History Forums Contact Home Help CD-ROM CD-ROM driver help Updated: 04/26/2017 by Computer Hope Introduction Examples Common mistakes Common questions Autoexec.bat and config.sys After rebooting, MS-Client should initialize your network card, grab an IP address from DHCP (if enabled), then prompt you to enter a username.  This is only required if you plan on After running the above, you should see your current system time as well as the current NTP server time (listed as "Time should be set to").  To actually set the time,

Dmanbiker 97,297 views 9:39 MS-DOS Games in 1994 - Duration: 2:09:06.