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Dos Mouse Driver Source Code


If more than one possible filename match exists, a Ctrl-D will list all possible matches (invoke FileC with -Q to allow automatic listing of possible matches). Cdrtools v2.01 DOS port of CDrTools (formerly cdrecord) allows you to burn CD with your CD-RW drive. MOUSKEYS 3.05 1996-11-22 43k Lets you use your mouse with any program. Can disable and reactivate with hotkeys; uninstall option. check my blog

Source code in C.BFONTC11.ZIP20521Apr 25 1991Use BIOS fonts in Turbo C and Borland C++.BFSORTS.ZIP41232Mar 31 1991A collection of sort routines written in ANSI C. REM supporting SATA Native IDE controller, such as Intel ICH6/ICH7/ICH8, Jmicron 363/368, NVidia CK804/MCP55/MCP51 etc... More source files for various unix systems. Includes example C source code.BYEPC300.ZIP150805Mar 7 1993Masm and C source for a program to control a PC from remote location.C#1.ZIP39921Jun 18 1987Assembly language routines to be called from C 1 of

Dos Usb Mouse Driver

Some people are confused when I say that it only supports UHCI controllers, and assume this won't work for them because they have an EHCI controller. Stuff Keys — Non-TSR, keyboard buffer stuffer. unrated [added 1998-07-10, updated 2004-08-28] From the docs: SCANCODE can simulate ANY keystroke combination you can type from the keyboard (for example, , , -, - -, or just "regular text")...other Spectra v1.0 (formerly WinDOS) a GUI DOS file manager / shell.

Source included.BPLUS120.ZIP19751Apr 20 1989B-PLUS is a versatile, carefully designed module for C programmers who need a fast, efficient program for indexing data files. Supports the 16550, and has full source code.CPOWER.ZIP55992Dec 29 1987"C" source code for book "C for Power Users".CPPB.ZIP30982Jul 13 1989Two programs : 1) A C++ Reformatter which will take a C++ Takes variable arguments like printf(), prints them to stderr, and then exits; Written in Turbo C++ 1.0 (C code).ETAGS.ZIP12153Aug 31 1989The FSF tags file generator program. Cute Computer Mouse KEYSTROKEMACRO&OTHERUTILITIES DDKEY — Key stroke macro TSR with on-the-fly key definition. * * * * [added 2000-02-18] This smart keystroke macro TSR is great for defining key shortcuts for strings of

Download shftogl.zip (2K). Dos 6.22 Mouse Driver One of the OzWoz Utilities, see that listing for download. Dobbs 11/87.CGRAM.ZIP3396Feb 12 1990LEX and YACC grammar for Standard ANSI C.CGRAPHIX.ZIP41197Jul 7 1986Graphics tool box for Turbo C.CHAININT.ZIP3381Jul 31 1991Borland tells (on BIX) how to chain interrupts in Turbo/Borland C/C++.CHOP11.ZIP10869Feb 27 Currently restricted to 1 minute (non-realtime) playback NSSI v0.60.45 freeware system information tool - last updated 2010 HWiNFO v5.55 system information utility designed for detection of hardware.

PRTSCR 2.01 2011-09-24 76k Sends all of your PrintScreens to a file instead of a printer. Mouse.com Download Usually, updates will be initiated from something in the Forum . Note: UHCI/OHCI = USB 1.x (low speed, full speed) EHCI = USB 2.0 (high speed) xHCI = USB 3.0 (Super speed) WHCI = Wireless USB (seems to be abandoned) So if Get newsletters with site news, white paper/events resources, and sponsored content from our partners.

Dos 6.22 Mouse Driver

Use Emacs-like control keys. -i... Full C source code.BOEHMGC.ZIP272087Nov 27 1994Garbage collection subsystem for 32-bit C (replaces malloc()).BOOKCOMM.ZIP128053Jan 29 1992Collection of async routines in C and C++.BOOZ102S.ZIP17101May 29 1989ZOO file archiving - 'C' source only.BORNBASE.ZIP4556Jun 18 Dos Usb Mouse Driver Once installed, the buffer options will display their contents. Freedos Mouse Driver Assembly Language Journal online ezine covering assembly language programming techniques.

Disabled many macros. click site Source code available. Now freeware ISRemote for DOS v2.53 remotely control DOS apps with a IR remote and a DIY circuit DOSGir v0.12 control DOS apps by infrared remote control and a DIY circuit Full Moon Software Many QuickBasic/PDS routines C source code.DRWIN101.ZIP199541Jan 31 1992Outstanding windowing and mouse C library with source code. Dos Mouse Driver Virtualbox

It provides a DESKTOP, a STATUSLINE, a MENUBAR, WINDOWS, CONTEXT SENSITIVE ONLINE HELP, and much much more.EXECOM33.ZIP16597Nov 22 1987Replacement for EXE2BIN w/ C source.EXEVIEW.ZIP32955Mar 5 1992Windows 3.1 example code to extract Remove trailing backslashes (default). -s... Read the manual at the FileC 2.0 page. http://ionicbalance.net/mouse-driver/dos-driver-ps2-mouse.html The package contains source code, specifications, instructions, and associated utilities.KERMCU01.ZIP233561Feb 17 1993Kermit 5A(188).

Mathisen, Norway Versions 1985-09-17: KEY-FAKE Unnumbered 1991-04-19: StuffIt 3.10β Downloads KEY-FAKE v4n26.zip (6K) StuffIt stuff310.zip (23K) SCANCODE — Flexible TSR keyboard stuffer and key macros util. Ctmouse This is a very popular substitute for the old MSDOS among people who still have need for it. That is the best place to keep up to date about the current status.

Modern BIOSes often make USB mice visible through the PS/2 interface if you enable "legacy" support in BIOS setup.

The message tells that this CuteMouse version does not support non-VGA plain EGA hardware. CuteMouse has three branches now. Full C source code.JSTR.ZIP5332Oct 10 1988Various string routines in Turbo C.JULIDATE.ZIP42131Apr 15 1988Julian, Gregorian, and Modified Julian C functions with source.JUMBLEPZ.ZIP2167Sep 29 1992Contains the source code to generate all permutations of Mouse.sys Download All of the above can be easily configured using an easy-access setup screen (F4) Filename autocompletion with interesting incremental color-coded filename analyzer.

FileC — Command line filename completion TSR; support for Win9x LFNs under Win9x. CLOCK 2.12 1998-03-06 20k Shows a clock on your screen all the time. EUMAIL v2002.08 Extract Eudora's mailboxes and nickname files into text files HTMCAL v2.0 Generate HTML calendars showing upcoming events or meetings. http://ionicbalance.net/mouse-driver/dos-ps2-mouse-drivers.html Dezyner.ECH.ZIP7065Apr 7 1993ESCHER.CPP - Program to display Escher's triangle in a window using mapping modes.ECSTR.ZIP57931May 21 1986Excellent set of string functions for use in C programing.EDIT-C.ZIP40942Oct 1 1985Text Editor written in

C source included.CPRINT4.ZIP9112Aug 17 1985Formatted print util.CPROTKIT.ZIP98599Apr 2 1990All the source code from "C Programmer's Toolkit".CPTUTOR1.ZIP95820Jul 20 1990Coronado Enterprises C++ Tutor Disk 1/2.CPTUTOR2.ZIP100172Sep 21 1990Coronado Enterprises C++ Tutor Disk 2/2.CPU100.ZIP36140Apr 14