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patio ModeratorSage Maud' DibThanked: 1628 Experience: Beginner OS: Windows 7 Re: usb and cd rom drivers in MS-DOS ??? « Reply #9 on: June 07, 2009, 04:54:23 PM » http://www.georgpotthast.de/usb/ Logged DVD4DOS DVD PLAYER for 16bit DOS systems!!!(MS-DOS,DR-DOS,FREEDOS and compatibles). LFNDOS LFN (Long File Name) driver for DOS. Multitaskers Several multitasking operating system kernels. - by the Department of Informatics, University of Zurich Networking under DOS MS NET.EXE This file from the MS FTP server contains updated check my blog

Hm, maybe Bret Johnson will make support for EHCI some day too :) But I have problems with all this dos drivers and my new USB reader because it is a You can't do it. Topics: General Utilities Boot CDROM Disk Dongles Emulators & Virtual Machines Keyboard Media Memory QuickView Full screen video films and music...

Freedos Usb Drivers

Of course, it's only a screensaver and your files are perfectly safe, though it does look convincing. Now MHDD can access your USB storage as SCSI device in ASPI mode. About the unloadable TSR approach and INT $13 support they definitely are see also here (not in board mode) > DOSUSB is just more simple to use.

Also allows you to use network applications such as SSHDOS (secure shell) or Ghost Peer-to-peer/multicast, using Packet driver interface. - by Bart Lagerweij Netzwerk unter DOS Deutsch: Beschreibung wie man i now have a working cd rom still working on the usb though. The following are the relevant portions taken from a modified config.sys and autoexec.bat file which was designed to work with a Windows 98 OEM Bootdisk with the ramdrive. Dosusb Bochs IA-32 Bochs is a highly portable open source IA-32 (x86) PC emulator written in C++, that runs on most popular platforms.

No problem in Windows. "motto Hairu Usb Driver" Far more powerful memory management products were available from third parties (eg QEMM or 386Max) but were discontinued long ago. 386max Not much experience with this one. Shareware 30-day limited. Netzwerkzugang DOS Deutsch: Sie benötigen einen Netzwerkzugang unter DOS?

becouse i found this post on a defrent site i will just post the content as a quoteQuoteI finally got it to work!! Di1000dd Sys Drive Letter USB DOS Drivers Collection of links to USB drivers and tools The Inquirer Yes, there are USB drivers for DOS. So if you use DOS and not a different OS you can use these interrupts instead of int13. I'd still like to know how to install something like that package, as I asked in my first post.

"motto Hairu Usb Driver"

You know, a piece of software can be bug-free, but the opposite is the rule ... . Since Ghost can write to the external drive in DOS, I figured I could copy its drivers. Freedos Usb Drivers A fully Bootable DOS environment you can take wherever you want. Panasonic V2.06 Aspi Manager For Usb Mass Storage It uses IOmega USB drivers and Guest.exe.

Thanks for your efforts! All major chipsets are supported (Intel/Sis/Via/nVidia) Important notes: Hotplug is not supported. So disk-cache programs, ramdisks, and HD compression were rife. Frinke & Matthias Paul Keyboard / Mouse Further keyboard and mouse utils Media DOS programs for MP3, AVI, MOV, MPEG, DivX... Usbaspi.sys Parameters

Well i did say i would let you know how it went. Download Find resources Search by title or subject area View all resources Follow us RSS Twitter LinkedIn Newsletters Facebook Google+ YouTube Newsletter Industry Voice SMB Spotlight The Inquirer Home News Artificial From B. I am weak on DOS knowledge ...

When it comes to create boot(able) disks, this is the place to go. Dos Drivers I was able to make a Ghost backup on a computer with no CD/DVD burner. But if someday the system stops booting, you are lost.

i have down loaded the zip from the site you sagested.

A very commercial solution to dongle problems. for sharing his experience. but im am still not sure about how to realy set them up ther are some exsampels that mostly show with windows, i dont have windows on it. Dos Usb Mouse Driver Since I already have Win 98SE with DOS installed, are those drivers already on my hard drive.

It's easy! Not tested under Win95/98/ME. This should be corrected to make the GPL fanatics happy.---MS-DOS forever! DOS USB Drivers There are several ways folks are getting their USB CDroms, Hard Drives, and other drives to work in DOS.

I never could get my Kingston Data Traveler 4GB flash drive to show up in DOS but now it does. Sign In   Sign In Remember me Not recommended on shared computers Sign in anonymously Sign In Forgot your password? I also have some old DOS games that I bought years ago but have never installed, although I probably don't need that package for that, not sure. what exactly are those DOS drivers?

StorageDrivers Probably Driver Guide under another name: most links point there. After Dark Deluxe is availabled from Pearl. He's got some good DOS pages there that we'd be hard pressed to do any better. BTW, the Motto Hairu Mass Storage driver (mhairudos.zip) mentioned in the article is not so easy to find anymore.

BACK&FORTH 171(1) and BACK&FORTH 171(2) This was my favourite multitasker. I was just going to install the whole package to test other things also. if you want NTFS support (by NTFSDOS, NTFS4DOS r similar), int13 is required. Unfortunately, the only type of host controller currently supported is UHCI (full-speed controllers made by Intel and Via Technologies).

The third method is a bootdisk from a USB vendor. So now that i have fixed that. There's a Windows version available, too. Great for debugging.

i edited my config.sys to load the driverCode: [Select]DEVICE=C:\DOS\USBDISK.SYS i restarted my PC. DOSBox is a DOS-emulator that uses the SDL-library which makes DOSBox very easy to port to different platforms. copying film on or from flash disk takes a lot of time but not more time than a drinking a cup of tea - I can compare with Bret's drivers which QEMM or QEMM Qemm was a commercial memory manager, able to give you much more free upper mem than the Himem.sys / Emm386.exe combination.