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C. Qemm was nearly a must in the middle 90s, before Windows 95 came along. - by Quarterdeck, later bought and buried by Symantec UMBPCI Small UMB-driver, replacement for Emm386.exe, free. - Why can't we use the same radiation shielding in Mars that we used when going to the moon? There's a Windows version available, too. check my blog

Schneider's K. Before you start scratching your head, let me repeat that this is not related to your favorite linux distro's or Windows XP/W2K/98/ME's USB support, this has to do with people like To mount NTFS drive, just type mount.bat. DOSBox is a DOS-emulator that uses the SDL-library which makes DOSBox very easy to port to different platforms.

Win Microsoft has this and related progs (Connectix Virtual PC, Virtual PC for Mac, Virtual Server) to offer. That's all basically, now just copy all you DOS-tools you need to the USB-drive (like ghost, format, xcopy etc) and it should be bootable. Drop me a line here. ยต L'INQs Panasonic v2.06 ASPI Manager for USB mass storage USBASPI.SYS (Look for the "F2H" subdirectory after extraction of the downloaded archive) FTP site: Motto Hairu

USB To Whatever Fred Langa illuminates the pervasive but little-understood world of USB, explaining how to hook it up to non-USB systems and peripherals - even in DOS! By now it is abandoned, the company defunct. - by Personics Inc. Both methods appear to require loading an usbaspiX.sys file first in config.sys in most cases. Why is caesium-137 more stable than caesium-134?

Wife not wearing wedding ring after marrriage Can you temper store-bought chocolate? Explore at your own risk. Screen - VGA Ansiplus My favourite replacement for ansi.sys and a lot of other utils. Windows XP, 2000 & NT4 deny direct peripheral access.

Networking seems not to be easy under freedos, so I turned to USB sticks: but even then, the USB stick does not seem to be mounted on any of the DOS And, DOSPRINT/DLLPRINT are completely compatible with all WIN versions: 95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP.) - by Simply The Best Inc. writes: "I Just solved my problem by using the files from the "virtual" DOS drive ghost03 makes when you run interactive mode. Find it here: http://www.allbootdisks.com/download/me.html They are in .img format, and you need the files inside so you you need an application which can extract .img files like 7zip.

Free. - by Douglas Boling, 1994 GSetup GSETUP is designed to allow you to set/modify CMOS ram values to tell the system what the time, date, type and number of This is a well-known bug with large hard disks, advertised on the FreeDOS sites since Aug 12 1998. It makes NTFS drives appear indistinguishable from standard FAT drives, providing the ability to navigate, view and execute programs on them from DOS or from Windows, including from the Windows 3.1 This all became moot with the advent of Windows.

Note that the Iomega drivers will work with any USB external hard disk and are not proprietary to Iomega drives (mine is a Western Digital). click site Print to any Windows Printer Description of a free method to print to any Windows printer. DOSUSB enables DOS drivers and applications to communicate with any USB device. Given the right parameter incantations, this 16-bit Panasonic-developed DOS driver will let your system boot good-old DOS -any flavour, maybe even Caldera's OpenDOS and recognize all USB devices connected to the

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Each virtual machine instance can execute its own guest operating system, such as (but not limited to) Windows, Linux, and BSD variants. NTFSDOS NTFSDOS.EXE is a read-only network file system driver for DOS/Windows that is able to recognize and mount NTFS drives for transparent access. This solution is not touted to be the only way to access USB media, but it is one proven to be useful on a number of embedded systems.

I was able to find the files I needed on the Internet and got my usb hard drive to work which did not come with dos drivers.

A still working link is here. METHOD 2 - The usbaspi.sys/usbcd.sys System - Example 3 Herbert H. A very commercial solution to dongle problems. I have Windows 7 and Debian Linux installed.

Currently, Bochs can be compiled to emulate a 386, 486, Pentium, Pentium Pro or AMD64 CPU, including optional MMX, SSE, SSE2 and 3DNow instructions. Fortunately, there's a free third-party utility that lets you quickly create a DOS-bootable USB drive. Also I've found many ways to create DOS bootable USB sticks, but many of them simply aren't working. More about the author more stack exchange communities company blog Stack Exchange Inbox Reputation and Badges sign up log in tour help Tour Start here for a quick overview of the site Help Center Detailed

Teledisk's strongest point is that it will run on modern computers, which CopyIIPC fails to do. - by Sydex Turbodisk Ramdisk driver, supports EMS and XMS, resizeable. - by Ciriaco Garcia What to do? Plus there are some tools here to access Win32-style Long File Names and NT-style NTFS partitions from DOS, as well as protected disks. Attach your device BEFORE you power on the computer.

So this USB device identification is also useful for debugging/troubleshooting purposes.