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The second method is using what looks somewhat like standard CDrom driver files and a USB driver. The third method is a bootdisk from a USB vendor. is ther an order i need to make sure the dvices are listed. If you continue to have problems with different drivers, make sure that there's no conflicts of I/O address or IRQs (or DMA).

Instead it adds a live file system, file/record locking, Windows printing, a scalable screen font and more. Still, although the OAKCDROM.SYS has a high compatibility rate, so do some other newer drivers that use notably less amounts of memory, and so OAK's driver is not the good driver Teledisk Teledisk handles many protected disks, but has one serious flaw: It will stop copying if it comes across an unformatted track. Neither of those actions enabled the computer to boot into the prompt. –Kyle Jul 9 '14 at 14:45 Possibly this should be moved to the retrocomputing stack exchange. –dirkt

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I thought the problem was large files, so i plit the i386 folder into 400 smal rar files and tried again, same thing happens hangs after 5 or 10 files. It is a very simple way to determing if the cdrom.sys is causing the problem.... Version 6.53.

Desqview was the market leader. Now i have tried several ways to boot in dos with usb support, the only way i get it working is using usbaspi.sys with the DI1000 driver. The following line is needed in your config.sys: device=X:\USBASPI.SYS /w /v Where X:\ — full path to the driver. Usbaspi.sys Parameters Now MHDD can access your USB storage as SCSI device in ASPI mode.

Maybe another USB driver might have helped. Usbaspi.sys Driver Download From obiwan I use your bootdisk site often and your resources have bailed me out on several occasions. NANSI Very small and enhanced ANSI.SYS replacement. - by Dan Kegel Display Doctor Scitech's Software to enhance and generally speed-up the performance of your display card and monitor inside Download link: USBASPI V2.20 MS-DOS Driver

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DOSBox has already been ported to many different platforms, such as Windows, BeOS, Linux, MacOS X... Dosusb The driver is installed in D:\CDROM\, while the MS-DOS system files are located in the C: drive. By now it is abandoned, the company defunct. - by Personics Inc. I mean, how many drivers do you need for a CD-ROM drive?If the manufacturer doesn't have a DOS driver (my samsung DVD burner came with DOS drivers) I'll use oakcdrom.

Usbaspi.sys Driver Download

patio ModeratorSage Maud' DibThanked: 1628 Experience: Beginner OS: Windows 7 Re: usb and cd rom drivers in MS-DOS ??? « Reply #11 on: June 07, 2009, 07:27:53 PM » Sorry BC...won't It works GREAT!!!! MENU Home Forum Articles Docs Software Firmware Publish on HDD Guru! Freedos Usb Drivers It might work for you.You can also find a Mini-Windows 3.11 Boot Disk My_Mini_Windows_3.11_Boot_Disk__Build_2004.1.26_.zip 1.28MB 2832 downloads There original Site is down. "motto Hairu Usb Driver" There were Memory Managers to squeeze the last byte out of your configuration, and Boot Managers to allow different configurations on one machine.

Logged " Anyone who goes to a psychiatrist should have his head examined. " BC_ProgrammerMastermind Typing is no substitute for thinking.Thanked: 1011 Certifications: List Computer: Specs Experience: Beginner OS: Made by Wengier and Roy, China DOS Union. 2002-2004.My Super MS-DOS 7.10 Boot Disk (Build 2004.2.14).IMA My_Super_MS_DOS_7.10_Boot_Disk__Build_2004.2.14_.zip 1.12MB 5427 downloadsJust for note from me. Attach your device BEFORE you power on the computer. device=ramdrive.sys 32767 512 512 /E (This creates a virtual drive of 32mb) sbide.sys - Creative OTI-011 CD-ROM device driver (Marvell PATA Driver) device=sbide.sys /v /d:mscd001 /p:1016,10,1022 shsucdx.com - Unloadable CD-ROM redirector Panasonic V2.06 Aspi Manager For Usb Mass Storage

Several functions may not work. Hyperkey and Hyperscreen never caught on as much. - by Hyperware Inc. In order to facilitate that installation, I am attempting to install a CD-ROM drive. However, a problem has occurred.

Hardware conflicts can cause symptoms like what you describe: where the second time the computer boots then things don't initialize as desired. Di1000dd Sys Drive Letter C. Note that the Iomega drivers will work with any USB external hard disk and are not proprietary to Iomega drives (mine is a Western Digital).

This will prevent you from copying original Atari booters with Teledisk.

StorageDrivers Probably Driver Guide under another name: most links point there. by Gerd Röthig. Logged I was trying to dereference Null Pointers before it was cool. Dos Drivers In fact, I'd remove ANY USB device you dont need [eg cams, mice, printers, etc.] when using the above files to get DOS access to your Drives.

It gives users high level of control for running multiple operating systems, such as Linux, Windows 98/XP, FreeDOS, and FreeBSD on a single disk. - by Mikhail Ranish SpeedKit 4.75 3 Thnx (and sorry for the poor english, i am dutch) Back to top #3 TheHive TheHive Platinum Member .script developer 4135 posts Posted 19 April 2008 - 08:49 PM This Floppy Should work with most ATAPI drives. ASPI Manager For HP NetRAID device=megaspi.sys [/d (scan down PCI bus) /b (override BIOS setting) /h (no INT13h support) /a (physical drive access mode) /p (Netware is exist)] mem.exe - Displays

TSR, completely configurable from command line. In a single floppy disk!! I recently set up USB support on some ghost boot disks that we use here and was excited to say the least. for sharing his experience.

Im gettin crazy of this problem.